Tips to Study for Exams as well as for Career

' Study! Study! Study! Your rank will be ready. '
Study means earning Knowledge. Rank means grade. Study for Rank means earn grade for Knowledge.
Study is a process of learning something new and special. Studying a subject for few minutes creates an image in mind. The created image in mind is temporarily stored. To store the created image permanently in mind, you have to study the subject more than once or twice with keen interest in it. After studying the subject more than once or twice, you have to check it out. You can check it out by writing it in a book or piece of paper.
God has given same brain to everybody. Everybody has same mind. But imagination power of each one differs. Imagination Power differs from one to another depending on their capacity to use their brain. One should use his/her brain in such a way that like Computer.

To be like Computer one should do some daily tasks to keep their mind in top level.
Following are the daily tasks one should do to become Genius.
1. Meditation.
2. Pranayamam.
3. Suryanamaskaram.

Studying for exam purpose will make the person to forget everything day by day. whatever he/she has studied for exam.

Studying for Career purpose will make the person to remember the studied subject/matter whatever it is,  for lifetime he/she can retain that knowledge to face the future.